Process Point Anaysis Course

Overview – PPA- Process Point Anaysis-Course

Process Point Analysis (PPA) – is used to solve technical and complex problems. Systems and subsystems are analysed in accordance with the working control limits. The aim is to prevent the error from occurring once again.

The goal of PPA Course is to train experts who can able to use PPA systematic in determination and solution of technical problems.

Content  PPA – Process Point Anaysis-Course

  • Introductions: Problem, process, symptoms, defect
  • Why PPA?
  • 6 Steps to PPA (Case Study)
    • Step-1 Analyze the data and define the scope
    • Step-2 List the process points and standard operating specifications
    • Step-3 List the systems and subsystems
    • Step-4 Construct process flow diagram
    • Step-5 Focus on metrics and opportunities for improvement
    • Step-6 QM analyze
    • Step-7 Evaluate the results and share PPA
PPA Course Duration: 2 days


Participants who scored 70 and over out of 100 in the evaluation exam to be held after the training will be entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of PPA”. The Candidates who do not get enough score will be given an “Attendance Certificate of Global PPA”.