ISO 26262

Overview – ISO 26262 Course

ISO 26262, known as the Functional Safety Standard, is the adaptation of IEC 61508 to the automotive industry. It examines that systems malfunctions which the land vehicles can be exposed to safety related electric-electronic throughout the product life cycle. Risk is expressed by defining the ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) associated with the undesirable effect.

The goal of this course is to provide information of ISO 26262 Standard to participants and to gain the necessary capability to establish and maintain the standard in their companies. As an expert training organization in the Functional Safety Standard, our goal is to ensure that you are competent in how to implement legal responsibilities, security processes and ISO 26262 requirements for you and your staff.

As Gemba Akademi, we service a comprehensive training experience on ISO 26262, and IEC 61508, known as the Functional Safety Standard. Our ISO 26262 course reflects all new transformations and changes.

Goals of ISO 26262

  • To extend the safety life of brands in the automotive industry.
  • To conduct research and reporting based on safety in all R&D studies. (Including All Studies)
  • Providing firm-specific risk studies for automotive companies to fully clarify risk classes.
  • Establishing a level of security that can be provided, adequate and accepted.

Content – ISO 26262 Course

  1. Terminology
  2. Functional Safety Management
  3. Concept Stage
  4. Product Development: System Level
  5. Product Development: Hardware Level
  6. Product Development: Software Level
  7. Production and Operation
  8. Supporting Processes
  9. ASIL focused and Security Focused Analysis
  10. ISO 26262 Guide (For Information Purposes)
ISO 26262 Course Duration: 2 days


Participants who scored 70 and over out of 100 in the evaluation exam to be held after the training will be entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of ISO 26262”. The Candidates who do not get enough score will be given an “Attendance Certificate of ISO 26262”.