Overview – IMDS Course

IMDS (International Material Data System) is a global database that collects materials used in the automotive industry. IMDS, -which has been shaped by brands such as BMW, Daimler Chysler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo and later Fiat, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota- has been designed to include the national, international laws and restrictions.

IMDS is software and by this feature it can have links with relevant systems as GADSL, REACH, ELV to mark hazardous and restricted materials.

IMDS has been used since July 2003 and is has users over 150,000 today.

IMDS Course is to provide information to prohibited materials, restricted materials, heavy metals and limited materials and their effects to environment and to enable participants to be able to enter IMDS compilation data.

Content – IMDS Course

  • History of IMDS
  • End of Life Vehicle Regulation
  • Quality Standards in Automotive
  • PPAP – IMDS Relationship
  • IMDS and ELV Relationship
  • Prohibited and Restricted materials
  • Company registration
  • Main Menu
  • Material Data Sheet (MDS)
  • What is Substance?
  • What is Material?
  • What is Component?
  • What is Semi Component?
  • Create and opens a new component MDS.
  • Assembled (Assembly) part
  • Revision of the existing MDS
  • Publishing and Forwarding a MDS
  • Acceptance and Rejection of MDS
  • Support Documents (Recommendations 01-023)
  • IMDS – REACH Relationship
IMDS Course Duration: 1 days


Participants who scored 70 and over out of 100 in the evaluation exam to be held after the training will be entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of IMDS”. The Candidates who do not get enough score will be given an “Attendance Certificate of IMDS”.