Overview – APQP-PPAP Course

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and PPAP (Production – Part Approval Process), which are the requirements of the ISO / TS 16949 standard, regarding the commissioning of a new product, starting from the concept development (from the arrival of the customer request), continuing with the approval of PSW and ending with the mass production It includes the methods and requirements for the management of the product quality planning process.

The management of the new Product – Part Approval Process (PPAP) with the team (APQP team) formed by the relevant departments includes activities to eliminate potential errors and breakdowns before they occur. In this context, the supplier responsible for the process should take into account all the requirements (drawings, tolerances, specifications, standards, special requests, etc.) put forward by the customer. The process is aimed at testing the adequacy of the relevant processes as well as the physical conditions of the product.

The goal of the APQP-PPAP Course is to provide the employees who will take part in the product approval process with the necessary skills related to the subject. It is aimed to improve the competencies of the participants in how they and their suppliers should approve the product and production process, as well as how to obtain product approvals from their customers. The theoretical course is reinforced with practices and it is aimed that participants can evaluate the process in terms of both suppliers and customers.

Content – APQP-PPAP Course

  • What is APQP?
  • Product Quality Planning requirements
  • APQP stages
  • APQP timing plan
  • APQP inputs/outputs
  • Creating Control Plan
  • Linking PFMEAs and Control Plans
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • What is PPAP?
  • PPAP documents, records
  • How to Perform Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • PPAP process requirements and the submission levels of evidence
  • What is PSW?
  • Case Study
APQP-PPAP Course Duration: 1 days


Participants who scored 70 and over out of 100 in the evaluation exam to be held after the training will be entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of APQP-PPAP”. The Candidates who do not get enough score will be given an “Attendance Certificate of APQP-PPAP”.